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Since 2018 Pablo works with athletes in different areas of the elite sport. He believes that all these athletes can learn from each other. For example; Cristiano Ronaldo is being praised about his mindset in the world of football, but if you compare him to individual athletes he will be less outstanding. Pablo’s work will be exceptionally focused on you as a human being with a holistic view. He believes that you can only grow as an athlete if you grow as a person as well. The decisions you make as an athlete, are largely influenced on how you think as a person. Your drivers and preferences puts you in the place where you are right now. The motivation and work you will put in yourself will make you the person and athlete you want to be.

Besides experiences with elite athletes, Pablo also rechieved his masters in Sport Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and the Sports Psychology for Athletes Development at the FC Barcelona Innovation Hub. The excersises you will work with as an athlete therefore will be based on a mixture between scientifical research and practical experience.


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